Intro From the Reviewer:

In my pursuit of excellence in reviewing Affiliate Marketing Programs, I believe in just pursuing the facts that people want to know. I believe people want to know if a program works or not. I believe people want to know if they are capable of succeeding with this program. I believe people really want to know if they can make money following this program. In this review, I intend to answer these questions. 

Wealthy Affiliate Overview:

Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website URL:

Cost: Starter Member is Free and Premium Membership is $359 a year or $49 a month

The Wealthy Affiliate website boasts to be an all-inclusive affiliate marketing platform where you can create, grow and manage your business all in one place. Wealthy Affiliate claims 1000s of training, live trainings, amazing support, and website creation and hosting. The ability to communicate with thousands and thousands of community members who support you in your success. And last but not least, they boast a decent price tag. I will review each of these claims. 

Trainings-Are they all they are Cracked up to be:

I will only review what I have actually seen and worked through. Honestly, the amount of trainings available through Wealthy Affiliate is, at first, overwhelming. However, it is simple to figure out where to begin a training course, it will depend on what you want to do with this program (be an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate or for another company or program). Either way the trainings are similar, simple and teach you STEP by STEP, which is critical to me, as I was just beginning. 

My favorite part about the trainings and this program, in general, is that they are not there to simply teach you about marketing their program. The trainings are teaching you how to:

-Choosing your niche

– Create a website

-Create content for the website

-Attract visitors-including FREE traffic and PAID traffic

How to generate revenue

As I mentioned above you are not tied to marketing for Wealthy Affiliate, and this is a huge plus in my mind, as it shows that they are more focused on helping you succeed in what YOU want to succeed in, rather than just promoting themselves. 

SO, my review of the trainings available through Wealthy Affiliate is that they do not lack in content at all. There a training video or content for anything you need to know regarding Affiliate Marketing, and Marketing in general. It is easy to navigate through them all according to what you are needing to know. 

Websites and Hosting:

I have to add a word about the websites and hosting they provide through Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate provides hosting and 2 free websites to a Starter MemberAffiliate, which is FREE to join. 

Wealthy Affiliate provides hosting and 25 free websites to a Premium Member Affiliate, and for 25 of your own domains

Support-This is a Rare find

Typically once an online program is paid for, the buyer hears crickets from program sellers, and owners. What is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING about Wealthy Affiliate is their support. 

-I continue to get emails advertising more trainings being held

This company actually has Live Chat support, that’s rare.

-The website has a Q and A section, as most do.

-On the website you will find Site Support, Wealthy Affiliate members help each other through forums. 

-Last but not least, and the best of all, is the fact that Kyle himself will answer questions in the forums. 


I do not like long and drawn out reviews. I just like to get to the point. So hear is my 2 cents worth about Wealthy Affiliate. 

From what I have found so far, this company has everything you will ever need to create an Affiliate business, make it grow and make money from it. Wealthy Affiliate is not just out for themselves, they actually teach you how to create a business that is all your own. The website has everything from training videos to personal training. They have a platform to make it extremely simple to build a website all your own, and then create all kinds of fabulous content on it, which they also train you how to do. 

Simply put, if you have the desire and the drive to actually create wealth, this company and their website, has all you need to learn to fulfill your goals. It is not a get rich quick plan, it will take time and hard work, but there is no better program out there. 

Rankings for Wealthy Affiliate:

Trainings: 9.5 out of 10, 

Support: 10 out of 10, 

Tools: 9 out of 10

Price: Starter member is free, Premium Member $49 monthly or $359 yearly

Can someone Succeed using this program: If you are willing to work hard and follow all the steps, you can succeed at this program. Ranking: 9.7 out of 10 

This is a great program!!

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