WELCOME to Live Free Affiliate.

My name is Ryan. I want to share my experience in the world of Affiliate Marketing. I am not a seasoned veteran, but am excited to tell you how I got to this point. Affiliate Marketing has been a great way for many people to earn money online. I have always loved the idea that money could be made online, because it can and does create freedom for those that put the effort into it. Now more about me.

My Youth

Growing up in a small town in Clinton, Utah, in the 70s and 80s, I learned how to work hard for everything. I have always wanted to earn my own way and not rely on others. I started with a paper route at 12 years old. I moved on to fast food at 16 when I could drive to work. I bought a car for $100, and paid for the upkeep, gas and insurance from the beginning. I was a janitor for an elementary school for a few years. I then put myself through school working for a dry cleaner and I worked graveyard shift for a group home with disabled adults.

I had a desire to help others as I felt like I had a knack for understanding there problems and how I could help them. I felt social service was a good option. I earned a degree in Family Studies and worked as a social service worker, helping people in Child and Family services.

My Business Experience

I eventually got married to the most caring, understanding and patient woman alive. I have always wanted to be wealthy and have always had another “great” idea that would somehow fail. But my wife is still with me. I first tried my hand at real estate with a business partner. My partner had a bunch of “great ideas” as well, which I played into. We tried our hand at renting homes, building new homes and online forex trading, which we quickly took out $50,000 in loans to trade. Lost every penny, in one trade. Then the 2008 real estate bubble burst and we lost everything in the business and I almost went bankrupt personally as I had borrowed money personally to keep the business going. I paid for that for many years. Yet during this horrific experience where I was extremely stressed about paying the bills and putting food on the table, I learned something very important; My wife and two children were what life was really all about.

My Dreams

For a time, I simply put ‘trying to make good money’ out of my mind and lived life for the moment with my family. So I spent a few years focused on spending time with my family. We had 2 more children during this time. However, there came a time that I also realized that if I had more money, enough to retire from my J-O-B, I could spend more time with my family, which is the most important thing still. From my first realization that money could be made online, I have been intrigued by the possibilities. I loved the idea of trading the forex market, but when I would trade, even small amounts, I would stress about each trade, and I lost money every time. My wife finally said no more of that. I knew people made money selling products online, so I looked further into it. My goal was to have freedom for myself and my family. Then to share with others how to create freedom for themselves and their family. People should not have to live pay check to pay check. People should be able to be with the ones they love more than work to put food on the table. My dream for my family, for the longest time, has been to buy a motorhome and travel the country, teaching my children about things while actually being there. While on our travels, I want to take them to places that may have experienced disasters of some sort and to assist in whichever way necessary to help the people in that disaster ridden area.

My mission with Live Free Affiliate

I had eventually come to the conclusion that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online. Those that sell products online that they create is fantastic, and they come up with some great new products. However, they will continue to need to make the products themselves. When an order comes in, they will have to make the product, and ship it off.

Those that sell other people’s products after buying it themselves, will always need to have a place to store their products, and ship the products when an order comes in.

Then there are the dropshippers, who just sell a product that someone else produces, and will actually send the product to the buyer also. So the dropshipper, does not have to deal in the actual product. That sounds great, other than, when an order comes in, the dropshipper still has to send the order through the producer of the product.

Affiliate Marketing is what I have found to be absolutely the most free way to sell things online. We simply need to find the buyers of the products and everything else is automatically taken care of as far as the Affiliate is concerned. This means that someone could be anywhere, like a beach or the mountains with their family, and have a laptop, and could make money.

My mission in being an Affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate, is that those of you that I reach, will be able to find your own freedom to do what you want to with your life, with your family and with your time and not have to be on someone else’s time just to put food on the table. Wealthy Affiliate is extremely thorough, they have everything an Affiliate could want or need to succeed. Wealthy Affiliate has the training in such an “easy to understand” format, that anyone that has the desire to do so, can make money. It takes time to learn, but it is actually simple. And you can go back over it as often as you need.

Come join me in this exciting time and experience the joy of freedom!!!

If you need a hand or have questions, feel free to leave a message below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,